Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Morning 2010!

I woke up around 7am in hopes of getting coffee and turning on the tree.  I just knew Dominic would be down very soon.  I got Kevin up then Papa and MeMe woke up. We all sat ready with our camera's sipping on our coffee with the TV on low. But first, I snapped a few photos with the new Canon late on Christmas Eve.

We kept waiting and waiting and waiting for D to wake up. Finally we were about to go up and get him around 8:30a when I saw him coming to look over the stairs.  Turns out, poor baby was awake but he was just a little too afraid to come down thinking he may run into Santa.  I guess we put a scare in him telling him he must be in his bed all night!  ha!  Here he is coming down with bed head and a smile.

Santa brought a special Mickey Mouse friend for D and our upcoming trip to Disney!

Here is the XL from Santa.  He wanted a DS but he did not realize they are not quite for his age but the XL is very comparable and suits him just fine, he loved it!

And here is the laptop Santa brought.  It's not like Mommy's laptop but it is age appropriate and he also requested one of these, thank goodness Santa knows where to get everything!

Daddy loves cologne (I mean, who doesn't I guess) so here is his new Obsession.

The Snapfish calendar I make every year for MeMe.

Daddy's Basic Grilling Book, he loves to grill and this has great tips and recipes for him!

I also got the picture of D blown up and put on a canvas for K's office.

We heard Santa left maybe one more thing in the dining room, here D is headed that way to see!

Little bit of bed head confusion....

There she is, a huge new remote control train right smack in the middle of mommy's Christmas buffet-to-be, good job Santa!

More trucks and trailers lined up, ALL BOY.

I found his laptop on top of MY laptop so I snapped a quick photo!

K and Mommy

The canvas perched on the mantle, such a sweet face on that baby boy.

Uncle Shane (Uncle Shaney arrived with gifts)

Uncle Shaney, Grandma Deborah and Grandpa Rusty

Cousin Cole upstairs where we moved the new train set

Mommy with nephew Baby Gage

The kids all got instruments and put on quite a show.  One tune included, "Who let the Dogs out? Who? Who? Who?   I kid you not.....

Tired night with his big cousin Cory.

 Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Blogger alert, out of storage space?

Well it seems I have exceeded my 'free' limit of picture uploading space to Blogger so I am at a stand still until I can investigate this further because the next option is to purchase more space.  Seriously?  Dang it!  I was sure trying to get my Christmas post finished tonight.  Has this ever happened to anyone else?

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010 - part 2

Let me start with my (our) new Christmas gift:
We got the Canon Rebel XS, O.M.G.

We were not going to do it but since I take A LOT of pictures and we are headed to Disney in February it only seemed resonable to make the investment now.  Kevin insisted and I obliged!  Here she is:

We love Best Buy and their customer service is a 10 every time.  Did you know they even bundle
camera packages?  Yea, me either.  Well they do so we also got a even BIGGER lens so we can shoot from afar.  We heart Best Buy.

Okay, enough of that!  My FIL's birthday is 12-24 so I always try to make it special in some way since they are always visiting us.  This year I did a little birthday decorating and we celebrated by having fondue.

I love this Happy Birthday banner handmade from Etsy.com
I love the website and find unique things all the time.

The birthday boy's spot...

Papa K aged to perfection turning 70 years young!

We did mushrooms, meatballs and steak.  We had a side salad and a twice baked potato as well....oh, and wine, ha!

Once D got the hang of it, it was smooth sailing for the rest of us!

There were rain storms and high winds that rolled thru on Christmas Eve so we decided
to take down the inflatables so we did not risk losing anyone.

A tired Mommy & Daddy opted for the frozen pre-rolled cookies that were in the
freezer from someone's fundraiser....We knew Santa would be just fine.

A very excited 4 yr old decorating the cookies......

And sampling some too......

Not sure if you can see just how much icing these cookies really have on them!

Dominic finally turned in close to 9pm to get a good nights sleep so Santa could work his magic!
Next up, Christmas Day!