Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Break 2015 - Day 4

Day 4 - cloudy AGAIN but we missed the rain!  This was probably my favorite day.

We headed to Top Golf so my boys could hit some balls.
This really is the neatest concept. Very well done and great business model. 
And the food, my word!  It was delicious and affordable.  This was my favorite, their take on sushi and it's called "mushi".  That is still the sticky rice with beans, chicken and such inside and the outside is a tortilla.  And can we talk about the presentation!!
Chicken Quesadilla's...

There I am with my little golfer.  He is so good it amazes me.  I can't hit that damn thing for nothing.
It was cool out when we arrived so in addition to a very attentive waiter we had our own heater controls in our own little sitting area.  Genius.  Wonder if it's that genius in the Summer when it's 102 outside with 100% humidity and need cool air spit out at you? 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring Break 2015 - Day 3

Day 3 - cloudy AGAIN but we missed the rain all day.  It started to sprinkle when we left the rodeo carnival.  I can't believe I only got 4 photos.
We did ride tons of rides and some we all 3 rode so no photos obviously!

We had a great time but I was so busy trying not to lose the paper card we bought that held all our ride tickets as well as hold drinks and jackets, re-direct and all the other things one must do as a mom I did not get many photos. Below you will see the worst sandwich ever! Dripping in BBQ sauce and crazy expensive.  The food this year was not good!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Spring Break 2015 - Day 2

Day 2 was also rainy and cloudy again all day but we made the best of it.  Daddy was now home and on break with us, yeah!  While we slept late and took our time getting ready I asked D if he would help me by washing the dishes (I wanted to paint my nails, ha!).  Of course he obliged because he was being taken to fun thing after fun thing day after day.

We decided to head over to K1 speed for some indoor race car driving!

I was always hesitant of any indoor "go carts" because I went once with a work event and the smell of gas was outrageous.
However these are electric so no smell!
Little man had a great time and we even ran into some of his friends from school.
Daddy and I were just spectators at this event, kinda costly.....

Friday, March 13, 2015

Spring Break 2015 - Day 1

I took my small point and shoot camera with me this week while on Spring Break because I just can't lug the big Canon.  That being said I found lots of old photos that I could not upload or blog because our computer died so I will just start with Spring Break. Maybe I will get motivated to go back at some point, who knows? 

Monday was rainy and D has been talking non stop about ice skating.  He has done it a handful of times but with his current interest in ice hockey I think that might have been the driving force behind that being #1 on the list this week!
 We went to Memorial City and his daddy works across the street so he came to meet us for lunch.  He only had to work on Monday so we were glad to meet up with him!
 The determination level here was OFF THE CHARTS.  I text his dad multiple times and finally I said if he put this much determination into Reading he would be a genius!!

 He never gave up, never.  I had to give him a 15 minute count down after hours of skating then the little stinker went to the opposite end of the rink and would not come back.
At home he started to relax while I cooked sliders.
 And this was the damage left behind from skating!
All that matters was he had fun!  #makingmemorieswiththemero's

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Happy 9th birthday!

I can't even believe today he is 9. Nine. Half way to 18. Nine. Time has flown and for some reason this one feels different.  Probably because it's the last single digit birthday and probably because I said it in my opening sentence. Half way to 18.

Nine years ago this morning I had a scheduled C-section.  I was ready to meet him but scared to death of the unknown.  I saw my big belly in the mirror and realized he had to come out somehow.  I barely spoke to my husband on the early drive to the hospital that morning. I was so nervous.
I can't even describe the joy this one has brought to his father and I.  He makes us proud every day.  We must be doing something right. It can't just be luck. Blessed, yes.

Happy birthday sweet boy.  We love you to the moon and back a million times over.
Mommy and Daddy

Friday, February 27, 2015

Dominic's 9th birthday (cousins)

Based on D's flag football schedule and my work schedule we decided to celebrate with his cousins a week early.  I have done themed birthday parties for him since day one with the exception of one or two during our house being sold, move to apt, buy new house, move to house days where I needed "easier" and he was super cool with that.  So this year it hit me:  February birthday = Mardi Gras theme!

Dominic and his 3 cousins: Cole, Morgan and Gage.

 We took them bowling...

 And spent a million dollars on snacks....
 And helped cousin Gage with bowling...
 And returned home for pizza, cupcakes, ice cream and playing. Oh and the game Twister.  Confession=  I was so wiped out by Twister I did not get any photos.  In fact I did not move from the chaise lounge, I just kept spinning the dial and calling moves!

 Oh and a movie, Night at the Museum...with popcorn!
I know my baby had a great time with his cousins because it's the next day now and he still has a cousin hangover and is super tired!

Valentines Day decor 2015

We had a laid back Valentines Day even though it fell on a Saturday :)  We decided to have a shrimp boil with just the 3 of us since my boy likes shrimp now.  NOTE TO SELF: never ever ever do this inside your home like we did.  Only outside like normal people!!  It was delicious but left the lingering smell for several days, ha!  That being said I will leave you with my conservative d├ęcor for the house..
The XOXO swag was new this year.  $5 from Hob Lob!  The red heart was old and the Pink heart was a first time display.

 I gave my little one a sock money this year and it has been his BFF ever since...love.

 The only thing new was my deer dinner bell so unrelated to V-day!
 I spy muted stripes on the kitchen wall - ADDICTED and need to stop.
 This is 2 wreaths, one made out of branches and the other with the hearts from the $1 store that I glued inside to make a bigger wreath appear, wa-la!

 Pink heart stand from Goodwill, $2 - trash to treasure man!

Hope you had a great one, I have 2 super Valentines that I love dearly.